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“Excellent  Mind”

ver. 9.1

Full free “MasterMind” game created in Macro MS Excel 4.0 language .


A perfect game to improve skills in logical deduction ,
consist in
finding a hidden code of colours .


    Excellent Mind game was created as a computer analogue of classical MasterMind game ,
with additional possibilities and options of the game :

-          choice of the code length , from 3 to 7 cells

-          choice of number of allowed colours , from 2 to 7

-          choice of the code testing way , with a possibility of the empty colour use

-          switch ( on / off ) of the game sounds

-          switch of the service language ( Polish / English )

-          possibility of mouse or keyboard use to play the game

-          ranking of the best results , score


    Here are screen shots from the game being played using various options of the game :




Download  Excellent  Mind  game :



File 554 kB   XLMind_91setup.rar   ( ver. 9.1 )


Download ⇒ Unpack ⇒ Run setup file :

"exe" Files downloaded from the Internet may be blocked by Your operating system.
In this case, unblock the file before running it ⇒
Right-click on the file ⇒ File features : unblock


The game is entirely free !


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Info-HELP : 
Opening the game file you should switch on the macros . These macros are the integral part
            and the engine of this program

                        The aim of the game is to guess code of colours, hidden under X signs  .
            The  hidden  code  of  colours  is  randomly  selected  by a computer .
                        You should fill in the grey cells with colours
 , by pressing coloured round
            buttons with a mouse . Press  "estimate"  button  to  receive  an estimating  answer .
            Computer will estimate how many hits you have and  if they are in good or bad position .
 = number of hits , in good , correct position


             = number of hits , in wrong , uncorrect position

                        Options of the game may be changed .  Before pushing  “NEW game”
            button , you may change the length of the code and number of allowed colours ,
            and whether you will be testing the code using or not using empty, grey colour ,
            filling in   a part   or   the whole code with colours .
                        Instead of mouse, you can use keyboard to fill in cells with colours .
            During inserting numerals 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 or 0  into cells , computer will automatically
            change inserted numerals into colours. To receive an estimating answer of the tested code ,
            you need to insert dot or comma sign into any cell of the tested code .
            Combination of keys (Ctrl n) can substitute pressing  "NEW game”  button .
                        By analysing computer's sequential answer and drawing logical conclusions , the player
            has a good chance of uncovering the colour code within a number of tests limited by a computer .

                        Excellent Mind game was written in program MS Excel 5/95 using International Macro
            MS Excel 4.0 language , but the file of the game can be saved in a higher version of MS Excel
            and work under any file name .