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“Excellent  Mind”

ver. 12.0 (2018-09-20)

Full free “MasterMind” game created in Macro MS Excel 4.0 language .


A perfect game to improve skills in logical deduction ,
consist in
finding a hidden code of colours .


    Excellent Mind game was created as a computer analogue of classical MasterMind game ,
with additional possibilities and options of the game :

-          choice of the code length , from 3 to 7 cells

-          choice of number of allowed colours , from 2 to 7

-          choice of the code testing way , with a possibility of the empty colour use

-          switch ( on / off ) of the game sounds

-          switch of the service language ( Polish / English )

-          possibility of mouse or keyboard use to play the game

-          ranking of the best results , score


    Here are screen shots from the game being played using various options of the game :




Download  Excellent  Mind  game :



the File 331 kB   ExcellentMind.rar   (ver. 12.0)

and unpack to any directory.


The package contains a Folder with the game file ExcellentMind.xls and sound files (wav).


The game is entirely free !



Info-HELP :


Opening the game file you should switch on the macros. These macros are the integral part and the engine of this program.

        The aim of the game is to guess code of colours, hidden under X signs . The hidden code of colours is randomly selected by a computer.
        You should fill in the grey cells with colours by pressing coloured round buttons with the mouse. Press "estimate" button to receive an estimating answer. Computer will estimate how many hits of colours you have and if they are in good or bad position :
        = number of hits in good , correct position
        = number of hits in wrong , uncorrect position
Options of the game may be changed. Before pushing “NEW game” button, you may change the length of the code and quantity of allowed colours, and whether you will be testing the code using or not using empty, grey colour, filling in a part or the whole code with colours.
        Instead of the mouse, you can use keyboard to fill in cells with colours. During inserting numerals 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 or 0 into cells, computer will automatically change inserted numerals into colours. To receive an estimating answer of the tested code, you need to insert dot or comma sign into any cell of the tested code. Combination of keys (Ctrl n) can substitute pressing "NEW game” button.
       By analysing computer's sequential answer and drawing logical conclusions, the player has a good chance of uncovering the colour code within a number of tests limited by a computer.


        Excellent Mind game was written in program MS Excel 5/95 using International Macro MS Excel 4.0 language, but the file of the game can be saved in a higher version of MS Excel and work under any file name.



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